Testimonials & Case Studies.

Jonny is a 25 year old club manager originally from Southampton. After leaving university and becoming involved in the bar and nightclub industry Jonny began to slip into some very bad habits. His late shift pattern meant he would sleep for most of the morning, and when he awoke he would gorge on high fat foods and high sugar drinks.

A typical after work meal for Jonny would be a large takeaway pizza, fried chicken wings, half tub of ice cream and large fizzy drink. As well as this Jonny would go out on his nights off and consume up to 3000 calories through alcohol and mixers alone!

In December 2010 Jonny proposed to his long term girlfriend and decided he needed to do something about his weight and general shape as he was determined to look good walking down the aisle. We began training in February 2011 and Jonny hasn't looked back since. His first session, Jonny weighed in at 136.6kg (21st 5lb) and 36.5% body fat.

After a gentle first session proved to be almost too much for him we both realised this was going to take a lot of hard work. Jonny didn't give up though and gradually exercise became a more and more regular thing for him, little tasks and challenges here and there as well as a steadily progressing exercise programme meant Jonny was building in confidence.

Together we set a gym programme for him to follow the sessions he wasn't in with me which he stuck to religiously. The programme also included swimming which Jonny soon fell back in love with and amazed several people with how dynamic he was through the water for someone of his size. As Jonny's confidence grew his weight came down.

At the time of writing, Jonny has now lost a whopping 42kg. His Bodyfat mass has dropped from 50kg to 17.1kg (think of all that butter!) and his waist has shrunk from a 44" to a 34".

Jonny is now living in Dubai; however he has joined a gym and we will be having regular reviews on skype to ensure he continues to progress. I look forward to watching his progress continue and we are still working towards getting him a 6 pack for his wedding!!

"With Jack Harrison I achieved improvement in fitness, lifestyle, health and appearance, far greater than I had ever thought possible. He has helped me go from 21st 7lbs on Feb 1st 2011 to 16st 3lbs on 17th December 2011. Jack gives you the helping hand that everyone needs on the journey to getting in shape. I have now even moved to Dubai and I am still using his website for the Workouts of the Week and Skype P/T sessions.

So what are you waiting for? Don't wait as long as I did, get in touch today." --Jonny Lees

Alfie has been a fantastic client to work with. An ex-military man, Alfie sustained a horrendous motorcycle injury many, many years ago and due to the procedures used at this time, Alfie was left without a knee cap on his right leg as it had to be removed and prosthetic ones were yet to be invented.

Due to some complications Alfie was left unable to bend his knee more than a few painful degrees. Even a mobilisation under anaesthetic, normally a last resort range of motion procedure, was unsuccessful. The few degrees he did have came about through extensive physiotherapy.

As well as this, Alfie was later diagnosed as having type II diabetes. At first this was controlled with tablets but later he was moved on to insulin injections. With walking painful and exercise near on impossible Alfie put on weight despite sticking to a very healthy diet.

I began working with Alfie about a year and a half ago. By this point he had managed to increase his knee range of motion to about 35° through sheer will power, forcing the knee into a bent position and using his other leg to apply pressure. The initial few weeks/months training with Alfie had a heavy focus on increasing the range of motion around the knee as well as strengthening the surrounding muscles to promote normal movements and biomechanics at the joint.

As the weeks progressed so did Alfie, with the knee increasing in range. Gradually we were able to add in new exercises and stretches to challenge him. We also included upper body exercises along with very light cardiovascular work, this helped to bring about a gradual reduction in weight.

Although we are still nowhere near finished with Alfie, the progress he has made has been staggering. He now has a near fully active range of motion (can be done using the power of his muscles with no outside force), blitzes most exercises I give him, lost a considerable amount of weight and his injected insulin amount has more than halved! At the end of last year he went away with his wife to Trinidad where he was able to walk up the steep hills and volcanoes, a feat he would have never thought possible just a year ago.

I look forward to seeing what challenges we can give him in the future!

Robin is my oldest client. Not in terms of age but in amount of time spent training with me, coming up to 3 years now.

Robin spent a fair amount of time in pretty bad shape, however at 60-something (wont tell me his proper age), he is now in the best shape of his life.

Several years ago, when a close friend became a personal trainer, Robin became his first client and quickly got himself to a decent level of fitness and back in shape, losing a lot of weight along the way.

Unfortunately his trainer then enrolled in the Royal Marines and so was unable to carry on training Robin. Although Robin stuck to the gym work he eventually got tired of doing the same exercises and was losing fitness and interest.

Then I came along - fresh out of uni and starting my personal training business. After several chats Robin decided to join up with me and the rest, as they say, is history.

Robin has a few conditions that limit the exercises he can perform, rheumatoid arthritis being the main one. Because of these we have found that bodyweight exercises and more gymnastic style conditioning exercises have been the most beneficial.

Robin has now reached an incredible level of fitness through determination, hard work and a good diet (although he does enjoy a glass of wine or six!) He can comfortably do sessions that men a third of his age have struggled with and is one of the fittest guys I know, not just for his age but in general!

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